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    Portfolio Dev Blog #3: 'It's Almost 2018' Edition

    A documentation of my thoughts of making my portfolio. - "There were two major things have changed since I last redesigned my portfolio. My main focus has changed from attempting to acquire commercial work. Second, photography has grown from something I was dabbling in to a real hobby."

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    The Money Machine

    Don't you wish you had more? - "By having fun and excluding strict deadlines, creativity flows and allows collaborators to experiment and try things they normally wouldn't have a chance to work with."

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    Where are we Headed? Designing to Adapt.

    A reflection on where the internet is headed and how to design for the future. - "However, we are now capable of things like uploading photos and videos, pushing notifications, and having access to interactive media via HTML5 and JavaScript, something previously available solely via Flash."

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    From Here to There - New Haven Hackathon 2016

    A reflection on the project I assisted with at the New Haven Hackathon. - "From Here to There is a trip planning tool that allows users to easily plan and coordinate group activities."

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    A JavaScript Study, #1 - Removing Untagged Colons

    A case study of a basic JavaScript problem. - "I wanted to write something showing the trial and error that goes into solving a development problem, especially when inexperienced with the language and jargon."

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    Rock, Paper, Scissors

    An inaugural journey into javascript. - "I began some exercises on Codecademy and stumbled upon one that made students create a rock paper scissors game. The game was limited to text only interaction, so I got the idea to make a graphical version."

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    Refs & Docs

    A personal learning tool and knowledgebase. - I wanted a space I could store my reference materials and documentation and decided to build a website (the answer to many of my problems) using Jekyll.

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    Google Changes How We Think. So What?

    A reflection on the reach of the Internet. - A different way of thinking isn’t necessarily bad; nowadays we’re able to access more information at a quicker pace, and long form writing will still have importance even if it goes out of the mainstream.

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    Key Rush - A Scratch Game

    An experimental game made with Scratch. - "My hope for these little blog posts is to document my process and hopefully be able to learn from it in retrospect when I do another portfolio."

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    Portfolio Dev Blog #2: A Work in Progress

    A documentation of my thoughts of making my portfolio. - "It's been said that a website is never truly "finished", since there's always more work to be done. I've found that in both client work I've done and in this website, the idea certainly holds true."

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    Why Can't We Get Along? Security and User Experience

    An exploration of security and user experience. - "Typically implemented security is about presenting barriers to a user while typically implemented user experience design is about removing barriers to a user."

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    The Problem With Labels

    An exploration of professional labels. - "Unlike changing a website, changing business cards is costly, and good branding dictates that essential pieces of your message are consistent across all platforms. I could not afford to be fickle, but nor could I afford to let down clients with design skills I thought that they might perceive as subpar."

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    SOPA, PIPA, and the Founding Principles of the World Wide Web

    An exploration of laws and the internet. - "Laws such as PIPA and SOPA are the greatest threats to the founding principles of the World Wide Web. These laws didn’t do something as simple as de-indexing pages from search engines, but instead went the extra mile and proposed that internet service providers themselves blocked access to the websites."

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    Everlasting Disruptor: Napster and Entertainment

    An exploration of the entertainment industry and digital disruptors. - "The entertainment industry faces many challenges, both internal and external, but the largest problem from the world of digital culture was the foundation for online piracy brought about by Napster, as well as the solutions learned from dealing with it."

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    The Box Project

    An exercise in hand-coding and design. - "We were to create a website based on a box. I decided to use the box for my 'gaming' motherboard because I thought it would present the opportunity to experiment with different design."

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    Tron, The Matrix, and a History of Computers

    An exploration of our perceptions of technology and movies. - "People today in 2016 are worried about artificial intelligence and the possibility that one day, just maybe, machines will overtake humans. Interestingly, the movies Tron and Matrix both deal with that same fear even though they were made 2 and 1 decades ago respectively."

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    Typography Experiments - Jaden Smith

    A "unique" experiment with typography - "The quote selected for this assignment is a (now infamous) tweet by Jaden Smith. I decided to go with a more humorous example for this round."

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    Typography Experiments - Lovecraft

    A Lovecraftian experiment with typography - "The subject of this page was a serious quote by H.P. Lovecraft; an author who influenced a large amount of my favorite horror-based shows and books."

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    Stamford Hackathon 2.0 Post Index

    An index to help you check the contents of each hackathon post in case you were more interested in specific aspects.

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    Post-Hackathon Reflection

    A reflection on the hackathon as a whole. - Hackathons are win-win, play with the cool toys and learn new things, ideas win, stick through to the end, a community event.

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    Stamford Hackathon Reflection Day 3

    A reflection of the third day of the Stamford Hackathon - This post is mostly about our project as a whole. Ideas about the hackathon itself in the post-reflection.

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    Stamford Hackathon Reflection Day 2

    A reflection of the second day of the Stamford Hackathon. - "First of all, I learned that people don’t settle on ideas very easily or quickly. Heck, my group settled on our idea around 3:30pm officially."

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    Stamford Hackathon Reflection Day 1

    A reflection of the first day of the Stamford Hackathon. - "Day 1 was a lot of fun, most of the night was split into presentations and then meeting and greeting people to learn about their skills and project ideas."

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    Stamford Hackathon Pre-Reflection

    A reflection of my expectations.

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    Portfolio Dev Blog #1

    A documentation of my thoughts of making my portfolio. - "My hope for these little blog posts is to document my process and hopefully be able to learn from it in retrospect when I do another portfolio."

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    Why Blog?

    Why do we blog? - To learn, to promote, to share, to let thoughts flow.