Tech Stack:, WP Toolset
Responsibilities: Front-End Development, Design, Tutorials, Server Management
Type: Commercial

Feyer is a musician based in New York City. He needed a new website to coincide with the release of his first full album.

Project Link:
Feyer Music

Feyer's new album, Signals Internalized, was a primary focus of his career as well as the website's branding. I added an easy way for fans to listen and then stream or buy the album officially.
Press page
With modularity and flexibility in mind, the Press page has a front-end design that works with any content thrown into it. It also has a simplified and specialized backend workflow, making it easy for Feyer to edit.
I decided to take advantage of Feyer's frequent use of Instagram by adding his Instagram feed on the website. It's the perfect way to allow fans to get to know him while keeping the website updated with new content regularly.